Rainbow Brainskull Oracle Deck
The Rainbow Brainskull Oracle Deck is designed to help you reconnect with your higher self. In the eternal realm outside of time, all is well. When we see the bigger picture, we make better decisions and become more in tune with the flow of life. Charge the deck with your unique energy and see what message it has in store for you.
Seven Deadly Seas
Seven Deadly Seas features 7+ styles of gameplay all in one ride. Each bottle represents a different sin. Give in to your desires of Greed, Gluttony, Lust, Vanity, Sloth, Envy, and Wrath. Search for meaning. Unlock new ways of playing with life.
Grow Shark
Eat fish to grow in size. Avoid bigger sharks. You start small but will quickly grow larger and more able to consume others. Over 50 different endings depending on how large you grow. Your bones may end up as a keychain, earring, even become the main attraction at a museum.
Everybody Gets High
Everybody Gets High is a simple tap-and-tilt controlled arcade game. The game is divided into 5 parts, each taking place in a higher terrain. The primary objective is to collect diamonds in order to move higher and higher until you encounter the Boss.
8-Bit Piano
Make chip-tune style video game music with 8-Bit Piano. All your favorite notes all in one place. Journey through the vibrantly CMYK colored keyboard and discover which notes sound best after other notes!
Star Writer
Star Writer is the essential tool for creating beautiful psychedelic imagery. The flow of energy through your drawing is directly responsive to how fast you drag your finger across the screen. Adjust the size of your stars for endless possibilities!